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Good game.

It is a fun and simple game!

Very good, but I think there should be different levels of difficulties where there are more/less bots.


How do I adjust the screen? Whenever a match ends I have to rearrange the screen
What do I do?

Can you release the square people as a sprite sheet? They're pretty cute and it would be awesome if I could use them in a game!


I played a game whith these sprites.

It was try die and repeat.

how do you start??


That's really an awesome piece of work !! Amazing !! Good Work !!

PS4 controller doesn't work...

Ikr, ps4 controller doesn't work on half the games they say it does.

can i get this game for .dmg


The game itself seems to work normally, but there is a file called "God-Save-the-Queen-installer.exe" that tries to download something called "mccollough-davd-P6". What is this?? I cannot find any mention of it anywhere.

how the spy poison cakes?

hey can you call my sister a stinker is personal lol

no. but ill call you a dingus !


The Friendless Couple approve! Cool game!

Quite interesting concept! Really liked it!

Don't know if this happens only to me, but the window relocates itself everytime a round begins, and there's always a chunk of the window that gets out of the screen. >-<

Made a video (god save the queen starts at the second half)!

What to do if no sound

turn on speakers

What to do if no sound

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Hey, great game, I had a superb time playing with my sister, but I have a few suggestions.

The sniper is at a disadvantage, so maybe there should be a message when a pie is poisoned, and/or the spy should be slowed or stunned. The sniper could also benefit from one or two more bullets. Also, there is a bug where the window moves to a position in which I can't move it, so please add full screen mode or at least fix the bug

Just some ideas, thanks and I hope to see this game develop!

Thanks for the feedback! Had no idea about that window positioning bug, I'll look into that along with your balance suggestions.

Hello, I would like to know that when you say that it is local multiplayer does that mean two people using the same computer or two computers on the same network? Looks like a cool game :D


Local multiplayer meaning two people on the same same machine. I have plans to learn network engineering, and I definitely think God Save the Queen would benefit from some sort of LAN play :)

thank you for the quick answer. I'm excited to play this with my friend and try it out

any lan play yet?

Is there any chance of a Linux/Mac port?

This game should be tagged for comedy! Me and my friend had so many laughs!

Especially after that time I used 3 people as meat shields after he spotted me instantaneously...

Anyways, great game! I'll be- and have been- recommending this to people!

Haha, that's awesome! Appreciate your comment- may have to add that comedy tag...


Well, hey.

does this work with gamepad?


Can not move spy to type name


Are you using a gamepad or keyboard?

Keyboard, and thanks for the reply

Should be WASD. If that's not working, make sure a gamepad isn't connected. If one is, keyboard functionality may not work.

Yeah, that's probably it. For some reason my computer always thinks there's a gamepad connected. It caused big issues with Skyrim.


does the spy just have to survive for 3 minutes, or do they need to actually poison the pies?


Each player gets a 3 minute time bank that runs down while they play as the Spy. Poisoning pies is how the Spy scores points.

Thank you!


Made a video -

Hilarious! It's nice to see other people playing. Found a couple of bugs while watching :x

how to play?

Just download the .exe and run it. Instructions are in the game, but WASD controls the spy, mouse controls the sniper. You can use a gamepad too.

how do you type in the nickname for the spy? Do you stand over it and press a button or something?

Just press 'E.' I should put that in the description at least, thanks.