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A spy has infiltrated the Queen's annual pie banquet, committing treason by poisoning the pies! One sniper is the country's last hope.

In this local-multiplayer game, you will need to use wit and cunning to deceive a friend as they attempt to identify and terminate you with keen observation.

Gamepad recommended, but not required.

Press E to enter nickname as Spy.

Mechanic: A single-camera with two asymmetric players

Theme: The Worst Pies in London (Reprise)

Inspired by Hidden in Plain Sight and Spy Party.


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God-Save-the-Queen.exe 16 MB
God-Save-the-Queen-installer.exe 17 MB


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This game should be tagged for comedy! Me and my friend had so many laughs!

Especially after that time I used 3 people as meat shields after he spotted me instantaneously...

Anyways, great game! I'll be- and have been- recommending this to people!

Haha, that's awesome! Appreciate your comment- may have to add that comedy tag...


Well, hey.

does this work with gamepad?


Can not move spy to type name


Are you using a gamepad or keyboard?

Keyboard, and thanks for the reply

Should be WASD. If that's not working, make sure a gamepad isn't connected. If one is, keyboard functionality may not work.

Yeah, that's probably it. For some reason my computer always thinks there's a gamepad connected. It caused big issues with Skyrim.


does the spy just have to survive for 3 minutes, or do they need to actually poison the pies?


Each player gets a 3 minute time bank that runs down while they play as the Spy. Poisoning pies is how the Spy scores points.

Thank you!


Made a video - https://youtu.be/dBkceYtXAOA

Hilarious! It's nice to see other people playing. Found a couple of bugs while watching :x

how to play?

Just download the .exe and run it. Instructions are in the game, but WASD controls the spy, mouse controls the sniper. You can use a gamepad too.

how do you type in the nickname for the spy? Do you stand over it and press a button or something?

Just press 'E.' I should put that in the description at least, thanks.